Alternative Fules

Raw Materials

CO² Reduction


Company Recomass incorporates a team of experts with long-term experience from international waste management companies, cement industry and power plants.

Our company is based in Slovakia, but our activities extend through EU and MEA region.

We provide technical support for cement and WtE plants by optimization of co-coprocessing processes (burning) with the aim of fuel mix design

Alternative for conventional fossil fuels used in silicate and energetical industry.

  • Solid alternative fuels produced on the base of wastes (paper, plastic, wood, etc.)
  • Assessment of conventional fuels for CO2 decrease
  • Emission Cost decrease
  • Liquid alternative fuels
  • Certificated fuels

Raw materials for improving of operational processes and decreased operational costs

  • Materials on the base of iron oxide, silica oxide, aluminum oxide
  • Metallurgical waste of bypass products and certificated products
  • Inert materials like adds of building materials, cement, silicates etc
  • Alternative raw materials on the base of treated wastes, which save CO2 emissions
  • Savings of naturals materials of strategic sources

We provide services for WtE, cement plants, power plants, heating stations

  • Power Audit
  • Assessment of Chemical composition & Physical fuel properties and their effect on resulting combustion
  • CO2 process cost impact analysis
  • CO2 Strategies
  • Fuel Mix price strategies
  • Process optimization
  • Periodic process control

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